The Best Time to Plant a Jasmine in Texas

Jasmine is a flowering, fragrant, perennial evergreen. Depending upon its variety, jasmine may be planted as a ground cover, an ornamental bush, or trained along fences and other supports. In Texas, the best time to plant jasmine depends upon its variety and the age of the plant.

Certain varieties of jasmine produce fragrant white flowers.


Jasmine comes in shrubs -- bush and climbing vines -- and ground cover. Shrub varieties include Jasminum floridum, or Florida jasmine, and Jasminum primulinum, or primrose jasmine. Jasminum humile, or Italian jasmine, and Gelsemium sempervirens, or Carolina yellow, are two climbing varieties of jasmine. Asiatic jasmine, also known as Dwarf Confederate jasmine or small leaf Confederate jasmine, is a ground cover.

Time Frame

Shrubs and climbing jasmine can be planted in either mid spring or September through November. Planting time for ground cover Asiatic jasmine depends upon the size of the plant. Plants that are purchased in 1-gallon containers can be planted any time of the year. If the winter is mild, plants in 4-inch containers can be planted any time as well. Smaller plants in 2-inch containers need to be planted in the spring.


Do not plant jasmine where young children or animals can reach it. The berries of jasmine shrubs are poisonous. If ingested, they can affect the digestive and nervous system and, in some cases, cause death.