Wood stoves are typically manufactured from cast iron with steel hardware for connecting to a chimney pipe. When you remove a wood stove, get some friends to come over and help you with the heavy lifting. The actual disconnection of the stove takes only a few minutes using a screwdriver. You may need to apply lubricant spray to loosen the heat-baked connections on the chimney pipe where it fits onto the back or top of your stove.

Get help from friends when lifting a wood stove for removal.

Step 1

Open the doors of the wood stove to sweep out ash and remove any wood inside.

Step 2

Close the dampers to prevent residual ash from falling onto the floor when you move the stove.

Step 3

Spray lubricant around the pipe connection with the stove and let it set for at least 10 minutes,.

Step 4

Detach the sheet metal screws that connect the pipe to the top or rear of your wood stove. Pull the pipe away from the stove.

Step 5

Lift the wood stove and remove from the room with the help of friends. Depending on the size and construction, it may take three to four people to move a wood stove and lift it into a truck for hauling away.