How to Turn On a Home Propane Tank

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The nozzle on a propane tank has "Open" and "Close" settings.

Liquid propane comes in a steel container commonly referred to as a propane tank. Inside the tank the liquid propane is highly pressurized. For this reason, care must be used at all times when handling it. When used for a grill or barbecue, propane from the tank is ejected into the grill, causing a continuous flame to burn. Turning propane tanks on and off is part of normal operation.


Step 1

Examine the valve on the propane tank. Find the words "Open" and "Close." Each word is accompanied by an arrow that denotes the direction the handle must be turned to achieve the desired result.

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Step 2

Place a clean rag over the valve.

Step 3

Twist the valve in the direction of the "Open" arrow. Generally, propane tank valves are turned on when they are twisted counterclockwise. Continue to twist until the valve stops moving. Do not force the valve after it has stopped.

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