How to Not Kill Grass With a Pool

Plastic kiddie pools are a staple of summer family recreation, but all that watery fun often comes with an unsightly side effect -- dead grass. When you remove your plastic pool after a few days of play, you can count on finding that the grass underneath has been killed, due to the combined forces of high pressure and blocked sunlight. By following a few common-sense tips you can easily avoid this problem, allowing you and your kids to enjoy both the pool and the grass.

A plastic kiddie pool can wreak havoc on the grass underneath it.

Step 1

Move the pool every day. The longer the grass is deprived of sunlight, the more likely it is to die. Moving the pool around each day to a new spot decreases this hazard.

Step 2

Empty the pool every night. Not only is this an important safety precaution to prevent accidents in the dark, but it gets the pressure off the grass, as well. If you pour the water onto the grass that the pool covered during the day, you'll help its chances of survival, as well.

Step 3

Place the pool on your patio or driveway instead of the grass, completely eliminating the problem. Lay foam pads underneath the pool to make it softer, and to keep kids from slipping on the wet concrete or stone when they get out.

Mark Keller

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