How to Clean Drywall Dust From Hardwood Floors

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Whether you've completed a major renovation or a minor drywall repair, it's likely that you have a dusty mess to clean up. Cleaning drywall dust from hardwood floors can seem difficult, but once it's complete, you'll be able to see just how great your new space looks. To completely remove the dust from your floors, you'll need to implement a multistep process that takes every crack and gap in your flooring into account. Learn how to make your hardwood floors sparkle after drywall work.


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Cleaning Drywall Dust From Hardwood Floors

Step 1: Prevent What You Can

When you're working with drywall, it's inevitable that there will be a significant amount of dust with which to contend. While you can't prevent the dust from flying, you can prevent much of it from settling on your hardwood floors. Before you begin, lay a drop cloth across your flooring to catch as much dust as possible. Once your project is complete, simply take your drop cloth outside and shake it off before folding and storing it.


Step 2: Sweep It Up

Even if you used a drop cloth, there will likely still be visible drywall dust on your floors. Before you begin cleaning your space, be sure to put on a dust mask to avoid immediate and long-term respiratory issues. Once you put on your dust mask, use a broom to sweep up as much dust as you can. Start at the edges of the room and sweep the debris inward until you have created a pile in the center of the room. Once you've swept up as much as you can, collect it in a dustpan and dispose of it in a trash can or outdoor receptacle.


Step 3: Run the Vacuum

After sweeping, you'll probably still see some drywall dust on your floors. Using a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, vacuum your space using short, rhythmic motions to ensure you touch each section of the floor. Just as when you swept, you should start by vacuuming along the edges of your space and then work your way inward. Pay special attention to the areas where the flooring meets the walls as well as any cracks or crevices between your hardwood boards.

Step 4: Mop It With a Damp Cleaning Cloth

While sweeping and vacuuming will collect the majority of the drywall dust, you'll want to use a damp cloth to mop up what's remaining. Use a damp mopping cloth to gently wipe down your entire floor. Focus on the cracks and crevices where your hardwood boards meet as well as where the flooring meets the corner rounds or baseboards. Once you've completed this step, you should be able to admire a totally clean room.