How to Find Out Who Manufactured the Windows in My Home

With most homeowners purchasing houses with windows that are already installed, when something goes wrong with the window, finding replacement parts to fit the window properly may seem like a wild goose chase at times. There are many different types of windows that are manufactured today. Windows range from vinyl to wood to aluminum. The styles consists of double-hung, casement and sliders, among others. Finding who manufactured your window is the first step toward getting the window fixed and with the proper knowledge, this task can be surprisingly easy.

There are many different manufacturers for windows.

Step 1

Inspect the window to determine what type of material it is made of. Types of windows can be either wood, vinyl or aluminum. Record the type of window in the house and determine what style of window it is. Double-hung windows slide up and down. Sliders move side to side and casement windows crank out. Record the style of window.

Step 2

Scan over the glass on the window at each corner and look for indentations etched in the glass with numbers and letters. Write down all the numbers and anything else on the glass, such as the manufacturer's name.

Step 3

Measure the glass size of the window so the model number can be determined. Run a tape measure along the window for both the width and height. Record the measurements.

Step 4

Take the window to a local window supplier to check and see if they supply the window or can special order the window. Give them the measurements, style and type of window as well as the number and letters etched in the glass. Repeat the process at different manufacturers until the correct supplier is found.