How to Repair Granite Countertop Seams

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Depending on the size of your granite counters, they may be comprised of multiple pieces of stone. The seams between these pieces of granite can become dirty, crumbly or discolored over time, and you may wish to replace them. Fortunately, repairing countertop seams is a simple process.

How to Repair Granite Countertop Seams
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Locate Your Countertop Seams

Seams are typically hidden in places where they would be less noticeable, such as next to a sink or refrigerator. If granite slab edges do not happen to meet at a kitchen fixture, builders and contractors often put them in areas that may be covered up during typical use, such as near a stove or a corner ideal for a dish rack or microwave.


If a contractor has done an excellent job of matching two granite slabs, it may be even more difficult for you to determine where one stops and another ends. This is because, while no two slabs of granite are identical, those with similar coloring or markings will flow together visually.

Repair Your Countertop Seams

Over time, moisture, earthquakes or the gradual settling of your home can cause slight shifts in countertop levels. In turn, this leads to the shifting of seams, which may crack, break or separate.


To repair countertop seams, pry loose all of the filler using a utility knife with a sharp blade. It may help to begin cutting away the seam from the back and working towards the front using small strokes. As you do this, be very careful you don't nick the surface of the granite with your blade.

Once you have removed all of the filler, use a vacuum cleaner to clear away any debris that may have fallen back into the seam space. Clean the area thoroughly with a moist cloth and let it dry. Then, use painter's tape to tape off the edge of both pieces of granite to prevent epoxy from getting on the surface of the countertop. Be sure to press firmly on the tape to ensure it has adhered to the counter.


Use an epoxy kit to fill the crack between slabs of granite on your counter. Mix the epoxy according to the package instructions, and select a color that will closely match your granite so it is less visible once dry. Carefully fill in the seam, again moving back to front, and wipe off any excess as you go. When you have finished, remove the tape and let the epoxy dry thoroughly. If need be, you can use a utility knife to clean up the edges of the seam so they are flush with the counter. Ideally, you will not be able to see any of the filler material once the seam has been replaced.


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