Specifications for a Trane XE 1000

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The Trane Company is a manufacturer of air conditioning and heating products. The Trane XE 1000 is a discontinued heat pump that was designed for cooling and heating your home. Trane developed the XE 1000 from scratch and controlled the design and manufacturing from within the company.


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The company claims the XE 1000's innovations make it a reliable, efficient, and economical choice. The XE 1000 comes fully charged from the factory for up to 15 feet of piping and can handle outdoor ambient temperature of up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Be aware that a variety of models exist for the XE 1000. Each has the same basic components and features. The major difference is in size.


Powered by Climatuff Compressor

The XE 1000 uses a Climatuff compressor to power it and is rated at 1 to 3.5 tons. The compressor is the first of four major parts of a heat pump unit. These units work using a gas that can be changed into a liquid and back again. The compressor squeezes the gas into it is a high temperature, high pressure gas. It then moves the gas into the next phase. Compressors are rated in tons. Each ton is rated to 12,000 BTUs.


Fin Coil System Condenser

The Trane XE 1000 uses a spine fin coil system for its condenser. The fins are on the condenser because it must radiate the heat away from the hot gas. The condenser allows the gas to cool and transform back into a cool liquid still under high pressure.


Cooled by Evaporator

The evaporator may cool as manufactured to an ambient temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. With optional parts the ambient temperature can drop to as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. As the liquid leaves the condenser it goes through a small hole into the evaporator. This reduces the pressure on the liquid and it evaporates back into a gas.


The evaporator also has fins on it and as the liquid evaporates, it pulls heat out of the air. A fan circulates the air from around the evaporator and distributes it through the house. It pushes out hot air, which goes to ducts at the top of the room. This air then cools the evaporator and is distributed throughout the house. Reverse the gas-to-liquid process, and this will generate heat.


Electronic Demand Defroster

The coils on the condenser tend to freeze when a heat pump is used for heating purposes. The XE 1000 handles any frost accumulation through an electronic demand defrost controller. This allows the heat pump to momentarily switch back to A/C mode to heat up the coils and melt the ice. Burners heat up the cold air being produced while this defrost process is going on.


Outdoor Heat Pump Casing

The XE 1000 is covered by a steel cabinet that offers protection all the way around the coil. This cabinet is powder-coated with paint so it can resist the elements and prevent corrosion buildup. If you need to service the heat pump, the cabinet has a single side access for all the major components. Trane has built-in multi-use service valves for easy maintenance.


Trane XE 1000 Dimensions

The XE 1000 is 23 5/8-by-20 inches. The base model is 24 3/8 inches tall. The largest XE 1000 model measures 38 7/8-by-34 3/4 inches and stands 37 inches tall.

Options and Upgrades

Trane manufactures a variety of options that can enhance your heat pump. An automatic indoor programmable thermostat can be purchased for your XE 1000. Several other thermostats are also manufactured for indoor use. To upgrade the unit you may purchase such improvements as a line insulation kits, a crank case heater kit, and a quick-start kit.

Tested and Certified

Each Trane product is tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories. The XE 1000 is also certified for use in Canada. Trane also meets ARI (now AHRI) certification measures. The Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute certifies that it has tested the product and that the unit can perform like it is advertised to perform.