How to Troubleshoot a Trane Air Conditioner Fan that Does Not Turn On

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Troubleshooting your Trane air contioner's fan can maximize efficiency.

Trane air conditioners provide central cooling that can turn a hot and muggy day into a cool breeze. If your unit's fan is not working efficiently or at all, however, your unit's overall performance can diminish. Improper settings, problems with the circuit breaker and freezing condenser coils are some of the common issues likely to interfere with your air conditioner's fan. Before calling an expert, perform a few troubleshooting and maintenance steps.


Step 1

Make your unit is on. Check your thermostat and make sure it is in the "Cool" position. If your thermostat is not working or if you see a low battery warning on your unit's display, insert new batteries into the battery compartment.

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Step 2

Check your outdoor unit for signs of water if the fan is still not turning on. Check under the unit and the cold exterior surface of the indoor coil enclosure. If your system has frozen up, turn off your thermostat for one to three hours to see if it unfreezes. Contact a qualified technician if your unit does not unfreeze.


Step 3

Locate your home circuit breaker box. It is usually located in the basement, attic or kitchen. The location varies depending on the house. Turn the circuit breaker off and then turn it back on. This resets it. Contact a qualified technician if you do not feel comfortable dealing with the circuit breaker.

Step 4

Check your thermostat's settings if the fan is still not working. Adjust the temperature. If the thermostat is not working, press the "Reset" button to restore the default settings


Step 5

Open the filter compartment on your outdoor unit and remove the filter. Remove dirt and debris. Reinsert the filter. If your filter is damaged, purchase a new one from appliance or hardware stores and insert it into the filter compartment. Replacing the filter varies with different Trane units, so refer to your user manual.



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