How to Change a White Stove to a Stainless Steel Look

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The stainless steel look offers a clean and upscale aesthetic to any kitchen. Genuine stainless steel stoves can cost more than a traditional stove that is ceramic-coated regular steel. You can still get the look of stainless steel on any stove you have, though, for a fraction of the cost of a new appliance. A new product, high-temperature stainless steel spray paint for appliances, can give a white stove a stainless steel look.


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How to Make a Stove Look Like It's Stainless Steel

Step 1: Move the Stove Away From the Wall

Unplug the stove and pull it out and away from the wall. If possible, you want to center the stove in the middle of the room or kitchen.

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Step 2: Take Everything Off the Stove

You need to remove all the burner elements and burner pans. Put them to the side.


Step 3: Clean the Stove

Wash the stove with dish soap and an abrasive sponge. Vigorously rub with the sponge and allow it to slightly scratch the surface. The scratches give the paint better adhesion. Use a degreaser if you notice a greasy buildup that is difficult to remove with soap. Let the surface fully dry. Continue to wash with the dish soap solution and rinse with fresh water. The stove has to be squeaky clean.

Step 4: Protect the Floor and Stove Elements You Don't Want Painted

Spread a drop cloth on the floor and drape it over any nearby appliances. Look to shield the control panel and any other parts of the stove that you don't want to paint. Built-in stoves require you to cover adjacent counters and cabinets.


Step 5: Ventilate Your Work Space

To maintain proper ventilation, open windows before spraying. You can also place a fan in the window blowing outward.

Step 6: Prime the Stove

Use a metal primer on the stove. Ensure that you shake the can thoroughly to mix up all the contents inside. Keep the can about 12 inches away from the surface and start spraying. First, spray on a light coat, moving your spraying hand side to side. Refrain from stopping as you spray because it can cause drips. Start on one side and allow it to dry before moving on to the other sides and top. It is best to spray lighter coats to cover the original finish and then cover it in one heavy coat.


Step 7: Apply the Stainless Steel Paint

Spray the topcoat of high-temperature stainless steel paint. Continue to use many light coats to cover the surface and keep your hand moving the whole time. You should still maintain a 12-inch distance between the spray nozzle and the stove. Wait for each coat to dry before applying another coat.

Can You Vinyl-Wrap a Stove Top?

You can vinyl-wrap a stove top. Vinyl wrapping transforms the look and feel of a surface by applying a sheet of adhesive colored or textured PVC vinyl. It is very similar to car wrapping. With car wrapping, you can transform the color and style of your vehicle. These same methods are applicable to upgrading your kitchen too.


You can manipulate vinyl using a combination of heat and unique tools that help shape the surface on which it is to fit. The skill set and precision of a professional fitter is a must to ensure the longevity and finish of the vinyl wrap. What makes vinyl wrapping so appealing is that there is no upheaval. Stove top extenders are available and consist of vinyl material. Once installation is complete, it fills the gaps between the stove and the back of the wall.

With attention to detail and careful workmanship, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful room that adds value to your home.