How to Remove Stains From Corning Ware

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Corning Ware makes casserole dishes and cookware in a variety of sizes.

Corning Ware is cookware that is often used for baking casseroles or other dishes and desserts that require some time in the oven. Corning Ware is an efficient type of cookware because you can bake your dish in the oven, serve the dish in the Corning Ware dish and then refrigerate the leftovers in the dish as well. Corning Ware's convenience extends to the kitchen sink, as Corning Ware typically cleans up easily. Stains are bound to happen, occasionally, when food is baked or burned onto Corning Ware. Remove the stains as promptly as possible to return your Corning Ware to its best condition.


Step 1

Rubber gloves protect your skin from chemicals.

Place rubber gloves on your hands to protect your skin from any chemicals. Open windows or turn on a ventilation fan in the kitchen to keep fresh air in the room during the stain-removal process.


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Step 2

Set your stained Corning Ware on some old newspaper on a flat work surface. Coat your Corning Ware with oven cleaner. Place the Corning Ware in a trash bag and seal the bag.

Step 3

Leave your Corning Ware sealed in the trash bag overnight. The oven cleaner breaks down and loosens the stains during this time, making them easier to remove.


Step 4

Take the sealed bag with the stained Corning Ware inside outdoors. Remove the Corning Ware from the trash bag and set it in a dish pan of hot water.

Step 5

Add 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1 teaspoon hand dishwashing liquid to the hot water in the dish pan. Scrub the Corning Ware with a dish scrubber to remove the stains loosened by the oven cleaner.


Step 6

Rinse well to remove all chemical cleaning agents from the stained baking dish.

Rinse your Corning Ware with plain water and dry with a clean kitchen towel.

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