The Best Way to Kill Jasmine Ground Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • Lawn mower

  • Rake

  • Trash bag

  • Garden tiller

  • Herbicide with glyphosate

Jasmine ground cover is likely the Asiatic variety.

Jasmine comes in many varieties; some grow vertically and others stay low to the ground. The Asiatic jasmine variety, also called Asian jasmine, is a common low-growing variety that is used as a ground cover. The plant is extremely hardy and grows rapidly. Unfortunately, the rapid growth sometimes crowds out other plants and gets out of control. Killing jasmine ground cover requires both mechanical- and chemical-removal methods.

Step 1

Cut the jasmine ground cover off 1 inch above the ground using a lawn mower, or a string trimmer.

Step 2

Rake up the jasmine clippings and place them in a trash bag. Tie the bag tightly and dispose of it in a trash can. Clippings that are left on the ground may sprout or distribute seeds.

Step 3

Place a garden tiller at the edge of the jasmine ground cover and set the blade depth to at least 5 inches. Turn the the tiller on and run it over the entire area to chop up the roots.

Step 4

Allow the area to remain undisturbed for two weeks. Do not water or plant anything during this time period. After two weeks, examine the ground for signs of new jasmine growth.

Step 5

Spray all new signs of growth with an herbicide containing glyphosate until the liquid drips off the jasmine plants.

Step 6

Wait four weeks and reapply the herbicide to the area to ensure that all of the jasmine ground cover is dead.


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