Troubleshooting a Garage Door Opener Wall Button

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Things You'll Need

  • Lamp

  • Screwdriver

Installing and operating the wall console for a garage door opener is fairly uncomplicated.

A wall console unit for a garage door opener is not a complicated device, so it's fairly simple to troubleshoot when something seems to go wrong. Depending on the model, most work by connecting two to four wires onto terminals, mounting the device on the wall and then plugging the unit into an electrical outlet. While operation and installation is not complex, some units come with built in security measures that make the wall console tricky at times. Learning some basic troubleshooting will help you understand the security functions as well as determine whether the opener has a technical issue.


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Step 1

Check the console lock switch. The location of the switch will depend on the model of the device. For some units, lockout mode produces a flashing button. Look for labeling such as "Vacation" on the unit, then press and hold this button. The locking mechanism protects access to the garage by disabling the power unit. If you are unsure whether your console has lockout capacity, check the operator's manual.

Step 2

Plug a lamp into the wall outlet that services the console to check the power. If the lamp works in the outlet, the console power supply works. However, if the lamp will not work in the outlet, assume there is an electrical problem. Check the fuse or breaker box.


Step 3

Remove the console from the wall mount. Check the wires attached to the back of the device. Check the connections to ensure they are tight and correctly installed. Many units have color-coded wires. In that case, you can check, for instance, that the red wire goes on the red terminal.

Step 4

Wait at least 30 minutes, then try the console again. Some garage door receivers have a motor overload protector that shuts down with repeated attempts to open the door. The amount of time it takes for the protector to reset depends on the model. Generally, 30 minutes of inactivity will allow most models enough time to reset.


Step 5

Attempt to open the door manually. This might require you to pull an emergency override cord near the door. It is possible the door has a mechanical problem that will not allow it to open, such as being out of balance.