Window Protection Ideas for Homes Bordering Golf Courses

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Apartments overlooking a golf course.
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Living on a golf course is a dream situation for many golf enthusiasts, but a golf ball crashing through household windows can quickly remove the luster. While golf courses are usually designed so the golfer is hitting the ball away from the houses, protection is needed for the windows of any home overseeing a fairway or green.

Window Film

Security agencies offer a clear security film that is attached to your windows with an adhesive. The film strengthens your window and makes it more resistant to impact. Many of these films are advertised as bullet proof, which would mean golf balls would not be a danger. The film can be expensive, often costing thousands of dollars for a single roll, but this can save you money over time compared to constantly replacing your window glass.


A net can catch any flying golf balls heading your way if it is set up between your property and the golf course. This works similar to football uprights. A frame is positioned at the edge of your property and a net is propped up that is large enough to cover that side of your home from golf ball bombardment. The net catches any balls before they can connect with your window glass. This provides additional safety to anyone standing outside of your home as well. Netting is not foolproof but it can provide an effective barrier.

Awnings and Shutters

Exterior shutters and awnings provide good protection for specific windows by covering them against outside impacts. Awnings are more limited since they usually hang above the window but exterior shutters can be shut during the day when golf games are being conducted and then opened again at night so you still have a view. Your view will be obstructed when the shutters are closed, but they can preserve the lifespan of your window glass.


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