How to Mount a Mail Box

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Things You'll Need

  • Drill

  • Wall anchors

  • Vinyl siding S hooks (for mounting to vinyl siding)

  • Screwdriver

Those folks at 312 sure know how to mount a mailbox.

Having a mailbox that is not mounted properly to your home or one that is not visible to your mail carrier may prevent you from getting important and time-sensitive letters and packages. And having no mailbox at all will surely put a roadblock between you and your mail! Mounting a mailbox is a project you can do yourself without the help, time, or expense of a professional. No matter what type of material your house is made of, you can mount your own mailbox to your home with the right tools.

Mounting a Mailbox to Brick or Concrete.

Step 1

Hold your mailbox to the wall where it will be displayed and mark the locations of the hanging holes on the wall with a pencil. Hold the mailbox straight so the holes match up evenly. According to My Electronic Review, "brick is more solid than mortar," so if you are hanging the mailbox from brick, center the holes on the brick and do not locate them on the mortar, as this will cause continuous chipping and make the holes larger and less stable.

Step 2

Drill through the pencil marks with a masonry drill and clean out the debris in the hole.

Step 3

Add an industrial-strength adhesive to the wall anchors and insert them into the drill holes.

Step 4

Place the mailbox so the mounting holes line up with the holes in the wall. Apply industrial adhesive to the mounting screws and insert them into the holes. Screw them in tight.

Mounting a Mailbox to Vinyl Siding

Step 1

Slide the vinyl siding S hooks under and over your vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is not made to be drilled; doing so will crack it, leaving your house vulnerable to water damage. The safest way to hang anything from vinyl siding is by using either glue or vinyl siding S hooks. Since a mailbox is too heavy for glue to support, it's best to use S hooks to mount your mailbox.

Step 2

Hold your mailbox to line up the mounting holes with the holes on your vinyl siding S hooks, and insert the mounting screws.

Step 3

Place the nuts on the other end of the screws and tighten them with a screwdriver.


When determining a location for your mailbox, consider where would be an easy place to access your mail.


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