How to Code an Access Master Garage Door Opener

Most garage door openers are equipped with wireless technologies that allow you to access your system remotely. You can program a code to your master garage door opener remote in just minutes from your garage, using only the remote itself and access to the motor unit. Coding or recoding the remote will allow you to access your opener with just a push of a button, and will give you the ease, convenience and security that have made the devices nearly essential on most garages.

Garage doors are often fitted with keyless openers.

Step 1

Press and release the "smart" button on your garage door opener motor. This button is often located on the back or side of the unit by the antenna wire and the light lens.

Step 2

Wait for the red inidicator light on the unit to begin blinking.

Step 3

Push the button you wish to program on your master remote within 30 seconds of pressing the "smart" button, while the indicator light is still blinking.

Step 4

Wait for the indicator light to flash after you press the button.

Step 5

Wait for the light to stop blinking to end the programming sequence. You will then be free to use your coded master remote.