How to Code an Access Master Garage Door Opener

AccessMaster garage door openers feature a rolling-code system that changes with every use. Any remotes programmed to open the door automatically sync with the door opener's new code. Adding an extra remote or upgrading to a new door opener means you'll have to program the devices to recognize one another, but the process is fairly simple thanks to a "Learn" button on the garage door opener.

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How to Code an Access Master Garage Door Opener

Yellow-Button Door Openers

Some AccessMaster garage door openers have both a yellow antenna and a yellow "Learn" button. These models may be programmed from the opener itself or from the door-control panel. In either case, make sure the remote has functional batteries installed.

To code the remote from the opener itself, place a sturdy step ladder beneath the opener. Climb the ladder, then push and quickly release the "Learn" button on the opener housing. A light next to the button should illuminate after pressing the button. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the desired "Open" button on the remote. Programming works the same for both single- and multi-button remotes. The lights on the opener blink to acknowledge proper setup. On some models, the opener emits two clicks instead of its lights blinking once the remote and opener are in sync.

To program the remote from the door-opener panel, press the "Learn" button on the panel, then press it again within a couple seconds. The LED on the panel flashes to acknowledge learning mode. Press and hold the button on the remote you wish to use until the door opener either clicks or flashes its lights.

Contractor Series Door Openers

Coding the AccessMaster Contractor Series door openers and remotes is much like programming its other models. To program from the door opener, press the "Learn" button on the opener, which may be in various locations depending upon the model. A nearby light will illuminate. Press and hold the "Open" button on the remote within 30 seconds, letting go after the opener clicks twice or its lights blink.

Programming from the door panel works exactly the same for Contractor Series or the yellow-button model garage door openers.

Light Control Via Remote

AccessMaster models with both a multi-function door control and a multi-buttoned remote can be set up to control the lights in the garage without opening the door. To program the remote, make sure the garage door is closed, then press the remote button you've designated to control the lights. While holding the designated remote button, press and hold the "Light" button on the door-control panel as well as its "Lock" button. Release all three buttons once the door opener clicks twice or flashes its lights.

Keyless-Entry Coding

Some models also feature a keyless-entry pad for convenient garage access even without the remote in hand. To code the keypad, press the "Learn" button twice on the main door-control panel. An LED will blink on the panel. Immediately press a four-digit entry code on the keypad, then push the "Enter" button. If the panels are far away from one another, enlist one friend to operate the main panel while you code the keypad. The door opener will click or blink once coding completes.