Instructions for a Pur Water Filter Faucet Installation

PUR filtration is a well-known brand name in the water purifying market. PUR offers many different products from refrigerator dispensers, and water pitchers to water faucet systems. The faucet systems are a filtration unit designed to fit your water faucet, so as you turn on the water, the water passes through the filtration unit leaving you with an end result of automatically filtered water. The water faucet systems are a very popular choice due to their compact design and ease of use. It's important to properly install your water faucet system to ensure the best quality water output.

Use a faucet water filter to automatically filter the water coming from your faucet.

Step 1

Remove the faucet aerator by twisting it off of the faucet. Determine if the faucet needs an adapter. If the filter does not currently fit on the facet, use the included adapter and washer. To install, place the washer inside the adapter and place the adapter up to the faucet. Use a coin to twist the adapter into place.

Step 2

Attach the filter unit to the faucet; the filter unit will simply click into place on the faucet. Once you hear the click, the filter unit is secure.

Step 3

Twist the cap off of the unit. Install the filter cartridge into the unit by aligning the square peg on the filter cartridge to the square hole located in the back of the filtration unit. Twist the cap back on to the unit secure the filter in place.

Step 4

Turn the water switch on the filter unit until the PUR logo is visible. This means the filter is on and filtering the water. Turn the faucet on to receive filtered water through the unit.