How to Care for Indoor Pine Trees

Pine trees are typically thought of as house plants only during the month of December. However, with proper water, sunlight and temperature, it is possible to keep a pine tree as an indoor house plant all year. Keep some basic guidelines in mind to achieve optimal results.

Pine trees can be kept as house plants all year.

Step 1

Place the tree in a permanent location. Pine trees like full sunlight, and those that are housed indoors should be placed close to a window so they can receive natural light. While pine trees will survive with artificial light, they will not achieve optimal growth.

Step 2

Rotate the tree as needed in order to ensure all sides of the tree gets regular light. A quarter turn a week is typically sufficient to provide all sides of the tree with adequate light.

Step 3

Water the pine tree as needed. Pine trees like moist soil; however, it should not be soggy. In addition, pine trees should be planted in soil that provides adequate drainage.

Step 4

Provide an appropriate temperature. Pine trees usually do best in daytime temperatures ranging from 50 to 70 degrees, with cooler temperatures at night. However, the temperature should not drop below 40 degrees.

Step 5

Feed your pine tree with organic fertilizer specially designed for indoor house plants during its active growing cycle. This typically occurs in the spring months. Trim any dead or broken tree limbs as they occur.