How to Find a Model Number on a Kenmore Stove

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The model number is on a tag that may be hidden.
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You may have to check a few spots on your Kenmore stove to find the model number. Sears specifies the possible locations for the identification plate on their Kenmore stoves. By starting with the most accessible areas of the range, the search won't take long. Keep your model number on hand for ordering parts, a replacement owner's manual, requesting service or for verification in case of a product recall.


Step 1

Open the oven door. Check the door frame for the model number tag. On the tag, the digits or letters following "Model No." "MOD" or "MO" comprises the model number.

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Step 2

Open the broiler or the range drawer if your stove has one. Look for the tag on the door frame next to the broiler or drawer cavity.


Step 3

Move any loose items off the top of the stove. Lift the cooktop if your stove top lifts. Grasp both sides near the front and lift up. The model number tag will be visible on the area below the burners if that's the right location on your stove. Keep your fingers clear when you lower the cooktop.

Step 4

Check the exterior of the stove on each side of its body near the bottom.

Step 5

Photograph the model number tag or write down the model number.



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