Where to Install the Thermostat in a Two Story House

A home thermostat is essential for maintaining a comfortable room temperature, whether that means heating in the winter or air conditioning in summer. You can program your thermostat to keep your home at a certain temperature, and it'll switch on automatically to maintain it. The problem is, in a two-story house, it can be difficult to know where to install your thermostat in order to get the most efficient results.

Electrician Installing New Programmable Thermostat
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Where to Install the Thermostat in a Two Story House

What Issues Can Affect Thermostats?

Thermostats respond to the temperature of their surroundings. Therefore, it's really important to keep your thermostat away from areas of your home that experience temperature extremes. Choose a place that doesn't get direct sunlight, which can make the thermostat think the home is incredibly hot. Similarly, keep it out of drafty areas, which would make the thermostat think the house is very cold. Drafts from air vents can also confuse a thermostat.

Even though the kitchen is often the most used room in the house, it's usually not the best place to put your thermostat. Kitchens are usually a higher temperature than the rest of the house because of the hot appliances, which can mislead the thermostat. Plus, the kitchen is subject to more temperature fluctuations than other rooms. This can mean a thermostat keeps turning on and off, which can be a waste of energy and money.

Which Wall?

It's best to have your thermostat in the most central position possible, particularly when it comes to a two-story house. In a two-story house, higher up on the first floor would make it more central.

A hallway is usually the best place for a central heating thermostat. This is because it doesn't get closed off and can, therefore, give a better representation of the average home temperature.

Depending on the shape of your house, a hallway can be long and thin, and not in a central location. If this describes your house, the hallway may be an inferior choice to the main room of the house.

Where Is the Best Place for a Thermostat in a House?

The rule of thumb to bear in mind is that warm air rises, while cool air sinks. Therefore, in a two-story house, the top floor will be warmer than the bottom floor. The ideal thermostat location is fairly high up on a first floor wall, which will help it find the average temperature.

The height also helps prevent accidental knocks to the thermostat while walking, which can cause unwanted setting changes.