How to Find AquaSource Faucet Parts

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AquaSource faucets are available primarily through Lowe's and are meant to be an affordable but attractive option for bathrooms and kitchens alike. However, affordable does not always mean long lasting, which means you're not alone in your quest to find AquaSource faucet parts.


If you find that your AquaSource faucet is dripping from the spout, leaking water from the handles or becoming difficult to turn on and off, you may need a new cartridge. A cartridge is one of the only replacement parts you'll be able to find to fix your AquaSource faucet, and sometimes, it's more cost effective to purchase an entirely new faucet.

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AquaSource Faucet Repair vs. Replacement

For some faucet brands, replacing the cartridge or trim represents a significant cost savings versus replacing the entire faucet assembly. However, AquaSource's faucets, which range in price from $11.98 to $33.15 at Lowe's, are sometimes cheaper to replace altogether. For example, purchasing a cartridge to repair a leaking AquaSource faucet could cost more than $16 from Amazon. From an economic standpoint, you might as well purchase an all-new faucet if it's cheaper to do so.


Look for Glacier Bay Cartridges

It's relatively difficult to find faucet parts explicitly labeled for use with the AquaSource brand. Instead, AquaSource faucets are compatible with parts that can also be used with other faucet brands. In particular, Glacier Bay — Home Depot's equivalent to AquaSource — cartridges by DANCO will work in AquaSource faucets. You can find these anywhere DANCO products are sold, from Lowe's to Amazon to Home Depot.


There's no guarantee that all cartridges labeled for Glacier Bay will also work with AquaSource, but it's a helpful place to start.

Finding the Right Cartridge

Besides finding a cartridge compatible with AquaSource faucets, it's also important to purchase a cartridge that will work in your particular faucet design. For example, cartridges for single-handle faucets are designed differently from those meant for dual-handle faucets. Check the product specifications before completing your purchase.


In addition to shopping online, it can be helpful to remove the cartridge from the faucet and take it with you to your local plumbing supply or hardware store. You can visually inspect and compare each model until you find one that matches the exact design and dimensions of the cartridge you pulled out of your AquaSource faucet. Plus, a knowledgeable store attendant can assist you in your search or custom order the correct part if you can't find what you need.



You can also call the Lowe's product assistance line at 1-877-465-6937 to speak to a representative about purchasing or receiving a replacement part, especially if your AquaSource faucet is covered by a warranty or guarantee.

Troubleshooting Which Cartridge to Replace

If you have a dual-handle faucet and aren't sure which cartridge is faulty, you can conduct a simple test to determine which one to remove. Under the sink, you can turn off the water supply to the hot tap (on the left) and cold tap (on the right).


Turn off the hot water supply valve by turning it all the way to the right. If the leak stops, the hot water cartridge is the problem. If it still leaks, the cold water cartridge should be replaced. Open the hot water valve again and repeat the process with the cold water valve just in case both cartridges are faulty.




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