How to Fit a Queen Box Spring Through a Door Opening

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We don't always take every aspect into consideration when deciding to move furniture. Whether it's from one room to another or to a new house completely, making sure your furniture fits through doorways or stairwells is extremely important. Luckily, there are a few options you can consider if your queen box spring gets stuck in the moving process and refuses to budge through a door opening or staircase.


Removing Door Hinge Pins

The first option you should consider when your queen box spring doesn't fit through a door opening is to remove the door. The door takes up a bit of extra space, and this lost space isn't always taken into consideration until it's too late, and the box spring is wedged into the door jamb.


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To be on the safe side, remove your door from its hinges by simply removing the hinge pins. This might sound complicated, but all it takes is a hammer and a nail. Place the nail with the pointy tip against the underside of the hinge and hit the nail on the head a few times to loosen the pin. Consider closing the door first; it makes for an easier workspace, facilitates the removal of the pins, and keeps the door supported in the frame so it doesn't fall when you remove the last pin.


Cutting the Box Spring

This may sound like an absolutely ludicrous idea, but if you are up for a little DIY project and have the time to spare, you can make your queen box spring fit through the door by cutting it in half and folding it over on itself like a book. Flip over your box spring and remove the staples from the underside of the box spring that keep the dust cover in place. Be careful not to work too quickly; you don't want to tear this thin fabric since you will need to staple it back in place at the end. Once removed, you will notice a board of wood or metal support that travels the length of your mattress. This piece needs to be removed as well.


With all of these pieces removed, use a handsaw or a small oscillating multitool with a saw attachment to cut through the wood frame on either side of the length of the box spring. Cut through the frame where it intersects with one of the perpendicular pieces in the middle of the box spring. Make sure to only cut through the outer frame and not through both pieces of wood.

Gently fold your box spring in on itself and fit it through the desired door opening or staircase and open it back up once in the desired room. Unfold it by pushing it into the ground. You may need to straighten the metal support found inside the box spring using a small piece of wood and a hammer. Secure the frame back in place with screws inserted at an angle to secure the outer frame to the perpendicular support beams. Finish by securing the middle metal or wood beam back in place and staple the dust cover to the underside.


Consider a Split Box Spring

Before buying a box spring, consider measuring the tight spaces in your home that you know your box spring will need to fit through. If the numbers don't match up, consider the alternative option of purchasing a split queen box spring. These are two smaller box springs that are laid next to each other to create a queen mattress support without the hassle of squeezing a regular size through tight spaces. Measure your mattress in length and width to ensure that you order the proper size.




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