How to Fix a Leaking Water Cooler

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If you want a continuous supply of fresh water for your home or office, a water cooler is just what you need. Water coolers are incredibly convenient and give you access to filtered water as soon as you need it. As great as it seems, no one wants to deal with the hassle of a water cooler that is leaking. It contributes to water misuse, damages the floor, and can make you pay more when you receive the bill.


Leaks are somewhat difficult to prevent, but it pays to know how to fix them. The process of fixing a leaking water cooler is easier than you may think.

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Check the Stopper or Spout

The stopper or spout is the first place you need to look for a leak. Ask yourself: Is the spigot dripping? If so, check the catch tray because it is likely full of water. Also, evaluate the top part of the spigot with a red or blue handle. Turn the handle clockwise to determine if the tap is not tight enough. If the faucet is the source of the leak, you will see the water slowly dripping from the bottom.


Inspect the Bottle Itself

The next area notorious for being a frequent source of leaking is the bottle. Water bottles can sometimes develop pinhole leaks that allow air into the bottle. Consequently, water flows out too. If you suspect it is the bottle, remove it and set it in a bathtub or on the driveway. It can be helpful to check the bathtub to see if it is wet under the bottle. Should the leaking stop, then the bottle is the culprit. If there is water on your driveway, consider it a tell-tale sign that the bottle is the source of the leaking.


Detach and Reattach the Water Bottle

If you are still facing a leaking water cooler, try reattaching the water bottle. Check its connecting point if you have a dispenser that draws its water from a water bottle attachment. Often, it may just be an improper attachment to the jug, hence the leaks. If your water bottle is not attached correctly, take the jug off and reattach it by tightening all connectors in place.


Check for Blockages

Clogs and loose valves can contribute to a leaking water cooler. Physical blockages or clogs increase internal pressure, forcing water to leak out. This is similar to air buildup. The pressure is more challenging to move through. Since a water valve can loosen over time, try to avoid this by tightening it to ensure it offers the best seal.


Replace the Water Bottle

There are many parts inside a water cooler to make it operate, like gaskets, seals, and O-rings. On certain rare occasions when one or more components fail, the repair is beyond the capability of a majority of homeowners. This is because unique parts are needed to fix the water cooler or water dispenser machine. So if you think it's time to replace your water cooler, don't fret. Sure, it can be frustrating to deal with a leaking water cooler, but it is usually just a hole in the bottle. Once you replace the bottle, you often solve the problem.



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