The Best Way to Remove the Plastic Film From Plexiglas

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Scratches can occur on Plexiglas during transportation to a store or customer, and so a thin yet strong plastic film is placed on the product by the manufacturer. Removing the plastic film can be difficult at times, especially when the film has been under intense heat. Using acrylic (Plexiglas, Lucite and Acrylite) in projects can have its benefits. Composed of non-reactive natural gas, it is 17 percent stronger than glass.


Removing the Film

Peeling the film should effectively remove it. Cleaning the acrylic Plexiglas most likely will be necessary, though, because smudges probably will occur while removing the film. Using a specific product, called Novus #1, developed for cleaning and polishing will restore luster to the Plexiglas surface.

Removing Sticky Residue

Peeling a protective film or sticker off acrylic can be tricky when it has been applied with the improper glue. Scratching off the sticker may be tempting; because Plexiglas can be marred easily, however, do not scratch off the sticker. Removing a "sticky" sticker is as easy as moistening the sticker with lighter fluid, which is a refined form of kerosene. Using lighter fluid on acrylic, styrene or polycarbonate plastics should be safe. If you are unsure of your plastic's type, test a small, unnoticeable spot, and check the spot after 24 hours to see if there has been an adverse effect. Going forward with the use of the kerosene is recommended only if there were no issues with its use on the plastic.


Taking Precautions

Using lighter fluid can be dangerous. Always use a well-ventilated area, away from sparks, fires and cigarettes. Wearing protective gloves while working with Plexiglas is recommended because its edges can be as sharp as glass.



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