Plexiglass is a thin, clear, plastic sheeting material made of acrylic. It is often used in place of glass where there is a high probability of impact because it is more flexible that glass. Because it is made of plastic, cutting it can be tricky because some blades can crack or melt the Plexiglass. The best tool for cutting through Plexiglass is a circular saw. Just make sure to use the proper type of blade.

Circular saws are the best option for cutting Plexiglass.

Step 1

Lay the Plexiglass on a flat work surface and use a tape measure and a dry-erase marker to mark the location where you want to make the cut.

Step 2

Insert a carbide-tipped saw blade with triple chip teeth into a table-mounted circular saw. Choose the largest diameter blade you can find, ideally with at least 60 teeth.

Step 3

Fill a spray bottle with water and thoroughly spray the entire line where you will cut the Plexiglass. The water will help prevent the acrylic from melting during the cutting process.

Step 4

Put on safety goggles and turn on the circular saw. Push the Plexiglass slowly toward the saw blade using a smooth, continuous motion. Continue until the entire piece of Plexiglass is cut.

Step 5

Smooth the cut edge of the Plexiglass with a fine-grit sandpaper to remove the sharp edges.