How to Make a House Smell Like Lemons and Citrus

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Simmer sliced fruits to freshen up your home.
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Citrus fragrances make a home smell fresh and clean. Rather than using chemical-based fragrances and cleaners scented in lemon, lime or orange, create you own citrus-based room fresheners using essential oils or actual citrus fruit.


Homemade Citrus Mist

Fill a small mist-style spray bottle -- one that emits a fine mist rather than large water droplets -- most of the way with distilled water, then add five to 10 drops of your favorite citrus essential oils such as lemon, lime or bergamot, shaking the bottle after you replace the lid. Spritz the spray around any room that requires freshening, keeping the spray away from furniture to prevent stains. Use only essential oils, which are pure derivatives of the actual fruits, rather than fragrance oils that may be mixed with other substances.


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Simmering Scents

Simmer sliced lemons or oranges in a pot of water to freshen up the kitchen and nearby rooms. Add sliced citrus fruit to a small saucepan nearly full of water. Simmer the water over low heat -- enough to emit steam after a few minutes but not high enough heat to boil the water. Experiment with just lemons, oranges or limes, or pair lemons with either orange or lime for a blended citrus scent. Keep an eye on the pot, adding more water as needed, or turn off the burner once the water gets low.



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