How to Drill Holes Through Cement Fiber Siding

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Cement fiber siding (CFS) can be drilled, nailed and cut much like wood. Since it is more abrasive than wood, carbide or diamond blades are best for cutting. Holes are easy to make with an electric drill and a carbide tip drill bit. As with any project, good eye protection is recommended. If you are sensitive to dust, wearing a dust mask or respirator is also a good idea, depending on how much drilling or cutting you plan to do.


Step 1

Mark the position where the hole should be drilled.

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Step 2

Put on safety goggles whenever drilling, sawing or nailing cement fiber siding. Wear a dust mask or respirator.

Step 3

Drill a small hole using an electric drill and drill bit. A carbide tip bit works best.

Step 4

Drill larger holes with a circular attachment on the drill or use a RotoZip tool.

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