Can You Waterproof Wicker Furniture?

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Wicker furniture is a wonderful addition to your front porch, back deck, or patio. The only drawback is that wicker has the potential to become moldy or discolored over time due to moisture and rain, or brittle and dry due to heat and sunlight. Because you cannot bring your wicker furniture inside every time the weather changes, there are a few ways to waterproof your furniture so that it will stay looking new without a whole lot of work on your part.


Painting Wicker Furniture

Look around your garage to see if you have a gallon or spray can of good quality outdoor paint. If you do not, go to the hardware store and purchase outdoor paint in the color of your choice. Outdoor furniture sealer is not necessary, but it will add an extra layer of protection. In an outdoor area, with the piece of wicker furniture over a piece of plastic or newspaper, paint the paint on with a brush or if you have bought a spray can, spray it on. Make sure to apply the pain evenly over the entire surface of the wicker. Keep in mind that if there are areas that are difficult to reach on the underside of the furniture, it is probably easier to use a spray instead of a brush.


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Panting the wicker will ensure that it will remain protected from the elements for several years to come. Painting also adds an extra element of color to your home. In order to keep the furniture waterproof over time, you will need to repaint it every three years.

Coating Wicker Furniture with Tung Oil

Tung oil is another method that will waterproof your outdoor wicker furniture. Using tung oil will keep the natural look of the wicker, but will protect it from the elements. Tung oil is a type of oil that is used to waterproof many types of wood and is quite simple to use. You can purchase tung oil at hardware stores. If you purchase 100 percent tung oil, you will have to dilute it because it will be too thick to spray onto the furniture; so try and buy a lesser concentration to make it easier to apply. Also purchase a spray bottle with a pressure trigger so you can adjust the amount of oil that you are spraying on at one time. You can purchase this type of spray bottle in gardening stores. With the piece of wicker furniture on top of a piece of plastic, in an open area, spray the entire piece with enough oil to coat the surface. Allow it to dry for a few hours before placing it back on to your deck or patio. If you purchase a thicker version of the tung oil, you can use a paintbrush to cover the furniture. However, this method is not recommended because it is very time intensive.


Whether you're using tung oil or painting your wicker, turn it upside down and treat the full underside. To make it completely waterproof, it's important not to have any untreated wicker.



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