Is Cantaloupe a Fruit or Vegetable?

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Fresh sliced cantaloupe on a cutting board
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Cantaloupe is in the same family as squashes, pumpkins, gourds and cucumbers. It grows on a vine on the ground. The difference between a cantaloupe and a squash is in the way we use them. Squashes are eaten as vegetables, while cantaloupes are thought of as a sweet fruit.


What is a vegetable?

Cantaloupe growing on their vines
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According to Webster dictionary, a vegetable is anything made from, obtained from, or containing plants or plant products. A melon is in the family of Cucurbitaceous, which includes cucumber, squash, gourds, and pumpkins. Therefore, a cantaloupe is a vegetable.


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How cantaloupes grow

A close up of seeds in a halved cantaloupe
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Cantaloupes grow from seeds. They are harvested like other vegetables.


What does a cantaloupe look like?

The light brown exterior of a cantaloupe
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Cantaloupes have a light brown rind with a netted skin. Inside, the melon are seeds and orange flesh.


Benefits of cantaloupes

A close up of cantaloupe chunks
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Cantaloupes are low in calories and high in potassium and vitamin C.They contain beta-carrotin which is good for your eyes.


How to choose a cantaloupe

A basket of cantaloupe at a farmer's market
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Tap the melon with your hand and listen for a hollow sound. Look for a yellow color underneath the netting. A green color means the fruit is unripe.



Slices of fresh cut cantaloupe on a cutting board
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It is important to wash the melon before cutting into it,since bacteria can grow on the rind.



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