How to Convert Feet into Cm

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Convert Feet into Cm

Many home improvement projects require conversions into centimeters, inches and feet. Learn how to convert feet into centimeters and, as necessary, inches into centimeters.


Step 1

Multiply the number of feet (ft.) by centimeters (cm). In this example, convert 6 feet (ft.) into centimeters (cm). One foot equals 30.48 centimeters.

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Step 2

Multiply 6 times 30.48 which equals 182.88.

Step 3

Round up the result to 183; so, 6 feet is equivalent to 183 centimeters. The result may also be written as 6' = 183 cm or 6 ft = 183 cm. If the conversion is 6-feet-4 inches (in), that can also be converted into centimeters.


Step 4

To convert inches into centimeters, multiply inches by centimeters. One inch equals 2.54 centimeters.

Step 5

Multiply 4 times 2.54 which equals 10.16. So, 4 inches is equivalent to 10.16 centimeters.

Step 6

Add the total number of centimeters. Six feet equals 183 centimeters and 4 inches equals 10.16 centimeters; therefore, 6-feet-4 inches equals 193.16 cm. It can also be written as 6' 4" equals 193.16 cm or, for rounding purposes, 193 cm.



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