Materials Used in Exterior Walls in Mobile House Trailers

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Living in a mobile home is a viable option to living in a house.

When choosing a house trailer, the material that it is fabricated from is something a consumer should take into consideration. It is important to note that not all mobile homes are created equal. Some are manufactured from durable materials; others are manufactured from material that is not as resilient. The exterior wall material is a critical point to consider, as one side of the exterior wall is always exposed to the elements.


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The outside component of an exterior wall in a mobile house trailer is typically constructed out of one of three different materials: metal, hardboard or vinyl. This part of the exterior wall is the part exposed to the weather. Vinyl is the best siding to keep water from getting inside the wall. Metal siding may leak, and hardboard can be prone to rotting.


The exterior walls of mobile homes are framed with either 2x4 inch or 2x6 inch wooden studs. Sturdier homes are built with the 2x6 studs placed 16 inches apart.


Exterior Sheathing

The exterior sheathing of a mobile house trailer is the material between the wooden studs and the home's exterior siding. The sheathing is typically plywood or oriented-strand board, also known as OSB. OSB consists of wood chips that have been glued together to make a thin sheet of wood. Though not as resilient as plywood, it is durable material. It should be noted that some mobile homes with metal siding do not have sheathing.


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