Although there are not a lot of parts to a wood stove, there are some things you need to know to make your wood stove work properly and maintain safety. Some other parts of the stove simply help to make it more efficient in dispersing the heat. Keeping the parts of your stove in good repair is one of the best way to ensure that all fires you burn are safe.

Know all the different parts of your wood stove to operate it properly.


A blower or a fan on your wood stove helps to spread the heat around instead of just having the radiant heat from the fire heating up the cast iron of the stove. This fan is electric, so your wood stove must be in reach of an outlet to use the fan. Keep the fan clean and in good working order. A faulty cord could result in an electrical fire. Before burning the first fire of the year, examine the fan components to ensure they are clean just as you would the chimney. Remove the cover of the fan, and vacuum out all the dust. Oil the fan so that it turns easily without making any noise.


The doors are an important part of your wood stove. The doors obviously keep the wood from falling out of the stove, but a tight seal will ensure that a good fire will burn and heat up the cast iron of the stove. Perform regular maintenance on your doors at the beginning of the cold season to keep your stove in good repair. Purchase a gasket from a wood stove shop, and use a special cement, which you can also get at a wood stove store, to adhere it to the door.

The door handles are specially made to prevent the user from being burned. Your wood stove should already have these special handles on it, but you can buy replacements if not. The handles are a corkscrew shape that do not absorb as much of the heat from the stove as the cast iron does.


Inspect all of your stove pipes an a regular basis during the wood burning season. See that there is no smoke leaking through any of the cracks between the different sections of pipe. If smoke does start leaking out, put the fire out and readjust the fit in between the piping or replace any seals. Stove pipes allow the smoke to safely go out of your house, mainly up through a chimney, depending on your wood stove setup.


Some wood stoves have dampers built into the pipe of the stove itself. Older stoves may have dampers on the front of the doors. The dampers in the stove pipe should be open when you want to get your fire going, but you should close them to slow down the burn and retain the heat in the stove. The dampers on the front work the same way, only you have to turn the knobs to open and close them. Leave the dampers on the front of the doors open if your wood is not burning well. Close the dampers to allow less airflow into the fire and to provide a much slower burning fire overnight or if you have to leave the house for awhile during the day.