How to Find the Serial Number on a Bosch Dishwasher

Even the most reliable dishwashers need servicing. When your Bosch dishwasher requires regular maintenance or warranty work, you'll need to have your machine's serial number handy. Each Bosch dishwasher has a unique number that the manufacturer refers to as an E number or serial number. You'll want to be careful not to confuse your serial number with the model number or manufacture date of your machine. Locating the serial number is easy.


Locating Your Bosch Dishwasher Serial Number

Step 1

Open the dishwasher door. Look on the right side edge of the door as you are facing it. You will see a rectangular plaque that contains information about the machine. You may need to wipe the plaque clean as grime and soap scum can accumulate on it.

Step 2

Identify the model number. On the rectangular plaque you will see a small box on the upper left hand side with "Model No." written across the top. Directly beneath is an alphanumeric sequence of characters, which is the model number and the year of manufacture.

Step 3

Identify the serial number. Directly beneath the model number you will see another alphanumeric sequence that is the serial number or E number. The characters of the serial number are smaller than those of the model number. You may want to use a magnifying glass to read them.

Step 4

Write down the serial number. Copy the serial number onto your piece of paper and double check it. The alphanumeric sequence can be up to 18 characters long and therefore, easy to confuse.

Step 5

Store the serial number in a safe place. Now you have the unique identifier for your machine. Storing it in a safe place ensures you'll have access to it in the event of fire or other damage to the appliance, which may render the serial number plaque unreadable.