How to Find the Serial Number on a Bosch Dishwasher

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Serial numbers of your home appliances is not the type of thing you typically think about too often or even care to know what they are. If you can remember the phone numbers of all your friends, you're a number genius. If you can remember by heart the serial number of at least one of your home appliances, that's probably a sign that your appliance is not working very well. The bottom line is, nobody really needs to have that information committed to memory. But even the luckiest of people will sometimes be found overturning washing machines and moving fridges in order to find the magic number that can save the day. So, when do you need to know your dishwasher's serial number and how do you find it?


Your Dishwasher Needs To Be Serviced

It's essential to know the serial number of your dishwasher if your appliance has developed a fault and needs to be serviced. Letting the engineers know the model number and the serial number will help them to know what type of machine they will be working with and what tools they will possibly need to use.


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Your Dishwasher Has Been Recalled

You will also need to know the serial number in cases of product recall.

For instance, from 2015 to 2017, BHS Home Appliances recalled more than 600,000 dishwashers, including those made by Bosch, after several reports of a faulty power cord that caused house fires. The recall included dishwashers made and sold in the United States and Canada in the years between 2008 and 2013.


The costumers whose models were affected were asked to locate the model and serial numbers of their dishwashers and report them to the company.

Locating the Serial Number

Luckily, Bosch makes it easy enough to find all these numbers. And the good news is that you don't even need to move your dishwasher or turn it upside down.


All you need to do is open the dishwasher door. Inside, usually on the upper right side, you'll find a panel with long strings of numbers and letters. In some models, you will find it on the side panel of your dishwasher. These are the model number and the serial number of your dishwasher.

If your model of Bosch has been recalled, it is still important to check the serial number because it is possible that not all dishwashers of that particular models were recalled.


Of them, the number on the top, which typically begins with S, is your dishwasher's model number. The four numbers that follow the letters FD is your dishwasher's serial number.

Now, to save yourself some time in the future, write down that number and store it in a safe place. Or if you're a number genius, commit it to memory.




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