How to Repair a Crack in a Marble Table

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It may seem like the end of the world -- or at least the end of your marble table -- when you spot a crack in it. But a marble fracture is no reason to crack up with despair. If you've ever glued together a broken plate or even two wooden sticks, you can fix your marble table and make it look flawless again. In fact, you may spend more time color-matching the adhesive than tending to the crack itself.


Step 1

Reach for an epoxy grout for this repair job. You can use regular epoxy glue, but epoxy grout will produce a more durable finish. Plus, you can tint the grout to match your marble table. If your table is too large or cumbersome to tote to your local home improvement store, take a high-resolution picture of the top and use it for color matching at the store.


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Step 2

Remove any marble fragments from inside the crack. If you can't reach them with an old knife or scraper, use a vacuum instead.


Step 3

Clean the table and the crack so that no dust or dirt interferes with the adhesive. Wash the surface and crack with mild dish soap and warm water, and let them dry thoroughly.


Step 4

Ease the grout into the crack with a knife, a craft stick or even a cotton swab, depending on the size of the crack. Experiment to see which tool will give you more control over the repair. Push the epoxy down into the crack, wait a few seconds for the epoxy to settle, then add some more until the crack is filled.


Step 5

Wipe away any excess epoxy, before it dries, with a rag. Wait for the epoxy to cure, which could take up to 24 hours.



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