How to Make a Ground Level Wooden Deck

A ground level deck provides a custom look that looks impressive and fits nicely into the surroundings. Almost anyone with basic carpentry skills can build a deck. Plan your deck, secure the materials ahead of time, get some help and you can complete this project in one day.

Make a Ground Level Wooden Deck

Step 1

Decide upon the deck's dimensions and stake out the area on which you will build the deck. Mark on the ground where the concrete piers will go that will be the foundation for the deck. You should have piers 1 foot inside each corner of the deck and 10 feet in each direction.

Step 2

Dig holes 18 inches deep or safely below the frost line for your area, and wide enough for 12-inch cylindrical concrete forms. Slide the forms into place in the holes with the top edge level with the ground. Use a string and line level to ensure that the forms are all at the same height.

Step 3

Fill the forms with concrete to the top of the form, set and align the joist anchors in the concrete, and allow the concrete to cure.

Step 4

Lay out landscaping fabric to cover the area under the deck and cover it with a 1 inch layer of sand or gravel to hold it down. This will prevent weeds from growing up through your deck but allow any water to drain through to the soil.

Step 5

Measure and cut two sets of 2x8 double rim joists the length of your deck. Mount them in the joist anchors and secure with heavy duty wood screws. Attach joist hangars for the end joists at both ends of the two rim joists, positioned so the outside face of the end joists are flush with the edge of the rim joists.

Step 6

Measure and cut the 2x8 end joists the width of your deck. Set them in the joist hangars and fasten with wood screws.

Step 7

Attach interior joist hangars every 16 inches on center on both end joists. Measure and cut the interior joists to size from 2x6 lumber. Set in the joist hangars and fasten with wood screws.

Step 8

Cut 2x4 lumber to size for the decking, allowing for a little overhang. Position the first piece of decking flush with one of the edges of the end joists and screw it into the joists below it. Butt each successive piece of decking up against the previous one and fasten to the joists with screws.

Step 9

Measure and cut 1x8 trim boards to cover the end and rim joists. Drill pilot holes in the trim boards and fasten to the joists with wood screws. Apply paint, stain, or waterproofing sealer to the deck.