The Correct Way to Install Metal Tie Backs for Drapes

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Tying back your drapes can frame your window and open your living space to natural light.

Metal tie backs can open your window, showcasing it while allowing natural light to brighten your living space, and add a decorative touch to your drapes. When installed improperly, however, metal tie backs can hinder the natural flow of your drapes, altering the window's proportions. While it is natural for many people to want to keep everything symmetrical, often by installing metal tie backs exactly halfway up the drapes, this is a quick way to make your beautiful window treatments look out of place.


Step 1

Measure from the bottom of your curtains to the rod they are hanging on. Divide this number by three. For a standard 84-inch curtain, this means a third of your curtain would be 28 inches.

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Step 2

Determine what look you want for your window treatments. If you prefer full fabric above the metal tie back, install the tie backs two-thirds down from the top of the rod. If you prefer full fabric below the metal tieback, go one-third down from the rod. Using a standard 84-inch curtain, this means you will install the tie back 56 inches from the top for a fuller curtain above the tie back, or 28 inches from the top for a fuller bottom portion.


Step 3

Remove your drapes, with the rod, from the window and set them aside.

Step 4

Mark the location for your metal tie back based on the one-third or two-third rule on the wall. For most tie backs, you will want the anchor to be at least 1-inch from the window frame. Make sure both marks on either side of the window are even, and use a level to make sure they are both level with the floor.


Step 5

Install the anchors that came with your metal tie backs according to the directions of the manufacturer. Once the anchors are in place, make sure they are level, and measure the space between the anchor and the window on either side to make sure they are evenly spaced.

Step 6

Hook the metal tie back to the anchor, and use the screws provided to secure the tie back to the anchor. Make sure that the hook of the tie back is facing away from the window. Repeat this process on the other side.


Step 7

Place the curtain rod, with the drapes, back in place on the rod's hooks. Gather one panel of the drapes in your hand, and use the metal tie back to secure it to the side. Arrange the curtain inside the tie back so it is visually appealing.



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