How to Clean & Moisturize a Natuzzi Couch

Natuzzi leather furniture is manufactured by the Natuzzi Group, based in Santeramo in Colie, Italy. Natuzzi has furniture lines that fall under three brands: Natuzzi, Italsofa and Natuzzi Editions. The lines include sofas (including sleeper sofas), sectionals, chairs (including reclining chairs), and ottomans. Natuzzi sofas and other leather products are known for the natural look of the covering, including scars, wrinkles and color variations. Keeping a Natuzzi couch looking its best entails cleaning stains when they occur and gently wiping the surface with gentle materials.

Common household products can be used to clean and maintain your Natuzzi leather couch.

Step 1

Wipe the sofa completely on all surfaces to remove any loose dirt or dust using a clean cloth.

Step 2

Use a soft-bristle brush or use a vacuum cleaner set to medium suction power with a soft brush attachment to remove any dried-on dirt.

Step 3

Clean any water-soluble stains when they occur to keep them from settling into the leather by wiping with a cloth or paper towel. Moisten another cloth in water and wipe the surface of the stain, working from the outside of the stain and moving inward.

Step 4

Use a mild soap, such as liquid dish soap, diluted with water on a clean cloth to remove any set-in stains. Use only light pressure when cleaning so as not to press the stain into the pores of the leather.