How to Clean & Moisturize a Natuzzi Couch

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Natuzzi couches are known for their classic style and timeless elegance. So if you've invested in one of the company's sofas for your home, you'll want to make sure you give it the kind of care that will help keep it luxurious. Thankfully, there are simple and effective ways to clean and moisturize a Natuzzi couch, making it a lasting piece your family can enjoy for decades.


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Determine Material & Gather Supplies

First, determine which Natuzzi material covers your couch. There are three possibilities: Protecta leather, natural leather or microfiber. If you're unsure which material you have, check your original purchase order, owner's manual or any labels that remain on the couch.


Each material will require different cleaning products in order to fully clean the couch. Before you purchase your products, check your warranty. If your couch is still covered by Natuzzi, you may be required to use Natuzzi's line of cleaning products or risk voiding the warranty. If your couch is no longer under warranty, there are several different type of cleaners available besides Natuzzi's that will work just as well.


Protecta Leather

This is one of the Natuzzi materials that is easiest to maintain. The Protecta name comes from the protective finishing layer that sits atop this leather, designed to prevent stains and make it easy for spills, dust and dirt to be wiped off quickly.


For general cleans, you can simply use a dry, non-abrasive cloth to wipe down the surface areas of the couch. If a spill does occur on the couch, mop it up as quickly as possible with a moist, absorbent towel. Then, dip a clean cloth into a mixture of half water and half mild, moisturizing soap such as Dove or the soap from Natuzzi's cleaning kit. Gently rub the stain, working from the outside in, taking care not to get the area too wet or agitated.


Dry the surface immediately using a clean, dry cloth. Never let it air dry in direct sunlight, and do not use tools, such as a hair dryer, to speed along the drying process – too much sun and heat can do more damage to the couch.

Natural Leather

Natural leather will have more wrinkles and veining than its Protecta leather counterpart, meaning more dust and dirt could settle into those crevices. In addition to dusting with a clean cloth, you will also want to periodically use a soft-bristled brush or gentle hand vacuum cleaner to rid the cushions of those particles.


If your natural leather couch has a stain caused by a watery liquid, such as soda or coffee, clean it using the same directions as for a stain on a Protecta leather couch.

The cleaning process is different for stains caused by a greasy liquid, such as oil or mayonnaise. In that case, remove as much of the product as you can from the surface with a dry cloth, taking special care not to let any more of it sink into the leather pores. Then, you can use a clean, soft cloth soaked in a gentle moisturizing soap, such as Dove or Natuzzi's leather cleaning soap. Unlike with the Protecta surface, however, make sure that this mixture is a little more diluted, with 2 parts water to 1 part soap. Gently rub the stain with the cloth in a circular motion, and dry immediately with a clean, dry cloth.



Each microfiber is a little different, but Natuzzi provides clear instructions as to what is and isn't appropriate for the specific material on your couch. In your owner's manual – or on the website if you have misplaced your manual – look for the make of your couch. In the care section, you should see several symbols outlining how you can clean the surface. For instance, you might see a symbol of an iron with an X over it, indicating this microfiber is not safe for ironing. Check your manual or the Natuzzi website for information on treating specific stains for your particular material.


For regular cleanings on your microfiber Natuzzi couch, use a soft-bristled brush to whisk away tiny specks of dust and dirt.

Precautions Going Forward

After cleaning and moisturizing your couch, make sure to observe other precautions to help keep your furniture clean and bright going forward. Keep your sofa at least 20 inches away from any sources of heat such as radiators, and try to place it in an area that doesn't receive much direct sunlight. With these precautions and regular cleanings, your Natuzzi couch can have a happy home for decades.



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