How to Run Stuffed Animals Through the Dryer

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Kill dust mites and keep stuffed toys clean with the dryer.

A child's stuffed animal can become a companion and favorite toy. Keeping the stuffed animal clean is essential for everyday use and play. Washing and drying the stuffed animal the wrong way could cause it to become destroyed. While air-drying works well after a run through the wash, you can utilize your dryer for quicker and fluffier results.


Step 1

Check the quality of the stuffed animal. Look at the tags before washing or drying. If the tag mentions glue or dyes, the stuff animal must not be washed or placed in the dryer because the glue could melt and the colors could run.

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Step 2

Fill the dryer with a load of clothes. The more the dryer has in it, the less heat that will directly impact the stuffed animal.


Step 3

Stuff the animal into a pillow case. Tie a gentle knot on the pillowcase to enclose the stuffed animal.

Step 4

Set the dryer to its lowest heat setting. A high heat setting could melt plastic parts on the stuffed animal.

Step 5

Run the dryer for 10 minutes. This is plenty of time to remove most of the wetness. Pull the stuffed animal out of the dryer and lay it flat to finish drying.

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