About Liquid Deglosser

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Home projects that require a lot of sanding can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive mess. If you've ever started a project and then put the brakes on as soon as you realized how much prep work would be required, you're not alone. But what if there was a way to strip the glossy layer and refurbish your favorite old chair or repaint your kitchen cabinets without spending hours pushing around a piece of sandpaper?

About Liquid Deglosser
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What is Liquid Deglosser?

Often referred to as liquid sandpaper, liquid deglosser is a chemical solution that permanently deglosses surfaces and removes the glossy layer so you can paint over the object. It's considered to be much easier to use than traditional sanding to help new finishes adhere to old finishes.

While liquid deglosser can help cut down on the amount of time and effort you have to put in, it's not always a sandpaper substitute. Since its only function is to remove gloss, you may need to use regular sandpaper if your project requires you to smooth the surface.

What Are Some Common Uses of Liquid Deglosser?

Just like regular sandpaper, liquid deglosser has many different uses. Deglosser works on paint, varnish, enamel, lacquer, polyurethane and stain. Some of the more common uses include kitchen cabinets, wood moldings and door facings. Liquid deglosser is also helpful when needing to get down into small areas that you normally couldn't reach with regular sandpaper.

How Do You Use Liquid Deglosser?

If you plan on using liquid deglosser on your next project, all you need is a clean cloth, the deglosser of your choice and the item you want to sand. It's a good idea to clean the surface with a wet cloth and let it dry prior to applying the liquid deglosser.

Individual projects may have different application and drying times, but basically, you rub the liquid deglosser over the object you wish to paint (such as a dresser or table), wait for the desired amount of time and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. After the deglosser is dry, you can apply primer and then paint.

Does Liquid Deglosser Pose Any Health Risks?

Since chemicals are required to make liquid deglosser, there are some things to be aware of. When using liquid deglosser, it's smart to work in a well-ventilated area or outdoors if you can. You can also increase the safety and decrease the amount of fumes you inhale by wearing a mask. Gloves and protective eyewear are also recommended when handling deglosser. Like paint, you can buy a liquid deglosser that has lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


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