Sanding a surface before you paint it is messy and time consuming. It is also crucial when painting over a glossy surface -- skip the sanding and the new paint simply won't stick. Fortunately, you can make short work of your sanding job by using a liquid deglosser. Commonly referred to as liquid sander or liquid sandpaper, deglosser prepares painting surfaces much more quickly and easily than traditional sanding and eliminates sanding dust.

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Manual sanding is time-consuming and dusty.

How to Use It

In a well-ventilated area, apply the deglosser to the surface you are painting with a clean rag or brush. Paint over the newly sanded area with a bonding primer. Some deglossers will need to dry before you prime the surface, while others must be painted over while they are still wet. Allow the primer to dry and paint the surface as you normally would. Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when working with deglosser and follow any other safety precautions on the label.