Try This Genius Hack to Prevent Food From Sticking to Your Grill

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Grilling season is upon us and we're so excited. We're dreaming of grilled everything — corn, burgers, watermelon, chicken ... yes, please! There's nothing quite like cooking and eating a delicious meal in the great outdoors.


But (sadly) grilling isn't all fun and games. One of the most common grilling mishaps? Stuck-on food. Food, especially lean meats like chicken, can easily get stuck to the grill grates if you're not careful. If that happens, you'll be left with a messy grill, ruined food, and an empty stomach.

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That's why we never fire up the grill without a potato in hand. Yes, a potato. And despite what you might think, it's not for eating.


Slice a potato in half and rub the cut side on the hot grill grates before tossing on your food. The starch in the potato will coat the grates and prevent food from sticking to them. You may need to slice the potato more than once to get the entire grill coated in a layer of starchy goodness.

That's it. That's the hack. Happy grilling!



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