This Viral Hack Will Make Your Phone Hands-Free

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Most of us have experienced that awkward group photo where someone's phone is placed against a hard wall, the camera is turned and ready for a selfie, and the timer is set. As everyone runs to their place, you realize the phone slipped, and now your group shot is of a bunch of scrambling feet. Or maybe you flew Spirit (same) and came with a few hours' worth of movies downloaded only to learn the budget airline cut costs by making your tray table 2 inches wide. Enjoy holding your phone and craning your neck for the next four hours.


Octobuddy's Suction Phone Case Adhesive Mount allows you to stick your phone to nearly any surface, suctioning onto walls, windows, and everything in between. In @dvarrii's video, the creator shows how they use the gadget to stick their phone above the kitchen sink, allowing them to watch videos while washing dishes. And when it was time for a fit-check, they were able to suction their phone to the outside of the car window.


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While the gadget is practical for those everyday moments when you want to go hands-free, it's also a travel must. You no longer have to ask strangers to take your family's picture or carry around a tripod to get the perfect holiday card shot — with Octobuddy's adhesive mount, you can capture those very moments effortlessly. Shoppers also noted that it's great for those who often FaceTime, writing, "You need this." And another called it "the best money [they] ever spent."

Grab Octobuddy's viral Suction Phone Case Adhesive Mount on Amazon today for $14.99.



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