IKEA Is Now Selling the Cutest Potted Pineapple Plant

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If there's a spot in your home that seems to be missing some decor or if it just doesn't feel ‌right,‌ a plant could be the missing piece of your puzzle. Plants will instantly breathe new life into your space, and one spot that always has a wide variety of indoor greenery is IKEA. The beloved furniture store is now selling a unique plant that will surely bring a smile to your face thanks to the tiny pineapple that grows at the center of it.


That's right, IKEA is now selling potted pineapple plants called Ananas. According to the product details on IKEA's website, this slow-growing plant does best in a bright, sunny area and should be watered moderately. It would make sense that a tropical fruit plant loves sunshine, so be sure you have a spot with enough light before bringing one home.

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It would also be a great idea to snag a plant pot while you're at IKEA. Even though you don't need to repot your plant right away, choosing a ceramic pot that goes with your decor is a nice touch.

Be warned, though — this little plant is unfortunately not edible. As tempting as it may be to pick the fruit as it grows, IKEA states that this plant is for decorative purposes only and should not be eaten. You're better off buying a pineapple from the grocery store and enjoying your plant as it sits on a sunny windowsill. The plant looks cuter with the pineapple intact anyway!


Priced at $19.99, these plants aren't available online just yet but can be found in stores in IKEA's plant section. While you're there, be sure to take advantage of IKEA's spring sale, happening now through the end of May.



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