This DIYer Duped Urban Outfitters' Famous Isobel Bookshelf Out of Cardboard (Yes, Really)

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If you're anything like us, you've been swooning over Urban Outfitters' bestselling Isobel Bookshelf since ... well, forever. Its geometric, fluid lines and faux stucco finish leave nothing to be desired, and its roomy cubbies would make the perfect home for all your favorite books, pottery, and knick-knacks. Unfortunately, its perfection can't completely take away from the fact that it's $1,300.


Just when we thought all hope was lost, TikTok creator @letsgetnadiiaa pulled through with the DIY of all DIYs: an Isobel Bookshelf dupe made out of old shipping boxes. Seriously, it's built from cardboard. Here's how it's done.


The creator and their girlfriend began by stacking old shipping boxes, taping them together with blue tape, and drawing the shapes of the cubbies in marker. They then cut the shapes out from the front of the box and lined the cutouts with even more cardboard to create a base, sides, and top for each shelf.

The DIYing duo added cardboard backing and random scraps of cardboard throughout to add support, and then heavily taped everything together. They applied joint compound all over, followed by drywall tape, followed by plaster, followed by another layer of joint compound. Finally, they sanded it down and painted it in a matte white shade.

Commenters were blown away by the beauty and creativity, but many also questioned its stability. One person recommended weighing it down with books while another suggested filling it with foam to add sturdiness. Regardless, it looks gorgeous, seems to be holding everything just fine, and only costs about $50. Worth a shot!



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