Ed Sheeran Is Releasing a Surprising New Food Brand

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Ed Sheeran, known for his songwriting expertise and angelic voice, is pushing music to the side for a moment to embark on a new journey. According to a recent Instagram post, the singer is launching his very own hot sauce brand with Kraft Heinz called Tingly Teds, an ode to his childhood nickname, Ted.


In the video, Sheeran says he wanted to create a sauce that had the same consistency as ketchup and wouldn't get jumbled up with the other watered-down hot sauces you may have in your cabinet or fridge. Hence, Tingly Teds was born.

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"As a lifelong ketchup and hot sauce obsessive, @teddysphotos had a dream to make the 'Ketchup Of Hot Sauces' — a not-so-hot, hot sauce to be dolloped onto everything. Burgers, eggs, burritos," reads a caption of a @tinglyteds post.

The sauces come in two flavors: Tingly and Xtra Tingly. Tingly is a medium hot sauce and "feels like a warming hug in a bottle," according to the website. The spice should be just enough to awaken your tastebuds without making you sweat. Xtra Tingly takes the heat up a notch, so you'll want to have a glass of water nearby. Both sauces contain notes of lemon with a smoky flavor that perfectly complements the red jalapeño and capsicum chillies.


With zero colors, flavors, or preservatives, the ingredients are clean and make for a delicious addition to, well, anything.

The sauces will be rolling out in the coming weeks, but you can check out the website for pre-order information.



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