5 Things Jeremiah Brent Would Never Buy for His House

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Jeremiah Brent has a few hot takes he'd like to share with the world — five of them, to be exact. In a new TikTok video, the designer shares the things he would never bring into his home.


"All right, listen: I am stressed out about this because I don't want to tell anybody what to do and I know you're going to be judgy-judgy about this, but these are the things that I absolutely would not buy ‌for myself‌ as an interior designer," he said in the video.


And he's not wrong — the comments section is absolutely filled with rebuttals, though there are a number of supportive comments too.

Read on for the five things Jeremiah Brent would never put in his home.

1. LED Lightbulbs

Brent finds LED lights far too bright for his taste, likening them to the fixtures you'd find in a tanning bed. However, as commenters point out, most LED bulbs come in different wattages and temperatures so you can customize your own glow.


2. Fake Plants

"For me, space has to evolve and change along with the seasons, so bringing in branches and flowers around you really helps a home feel alive," says Brent. He understands that fake plants are convenient, but he still thinks they're "dust collectors."


3. Plastic Blinds

To be fair, we don't think anyone actually likes plastic blinds, even though they do serve a reasonable purpose. "I have a visceral reaction to plastic blinds," says Brent. "It stresses me out." Instead, the creator opts for drapes and soft linens, which he points out have become more affordable over time.


4. Acrylic Furniture

It's not necessarily the look of acrylic furniture that bothers Brent but the fact that the pieces get dirty super quickly, especially with kids in the house. "I feel like if I look at it, it scratches," he says.


5. Written Word Art

Sorry, live-laugh-lovers. "I don't need to see thine mantra on a wall," says Brent. "It just feels super dated." While the four other items on this list are very specific to his taste, this is one he strongly advises clients to avoid too.



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