These Realistic Fake Windows Were Made Using Home Depot Light Panels

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Not everyone has the luxury of having a ton of natural light in their home, especially if you happen to live in an apartment building. Some renters may not even have windows at all. TikToker @tylermclongtowe can relate, after moving into a home with their boyfriend that had a windowless dining room. The creator has a lot of plants, so not having any windows in such a central location of the space just wouldn't do. So, they created their own — and the results will have you doing a double take.


The TikToker began with a couple two-by-four LED light panels from Home Depot. You'll want to make sure to get panels that are specifically direct wire, which it will say on the box, so you can have easy access to the cables. You'll also want to pick up a wire harness in order to plug the light into the wall. While the creator didn't go into detail about how to wire the panel, they recommended following a YouTube tutorial.


Lastly, the fake window aficionado just hung up the panel with picture wire and a well-studded nail on the wall. They placed a trim down the center to give it more of a window look, added curtains around the panel, and that's all there is to it.

Commenters were impressed and even added in some suggestions of their own. "IKEA has panels for this too, but that are dimmable and change warmth tones," wrote one, while another said, "Amazon has a smart plug that stimulates sunrise and sunset so you can schedule the brightness."

So, whether or not your space is lacking windows, or if you just need a little extra light, this solution has you covered.


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