Happier Couples Live in Homes With This Much Square Footage

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Moving in with your partner is a big step in any relationship, but sharing space and living together can create a whole host of new adventures — and challenges. After surveying over 900 people, Sofary.com has the low down on what keeps couples content when it comes to space in their homes. Unsurprisingly, a little more breathing room creates a happier relationship.


According to Sofary.com's survey, satisfied couples had, on average, 12.8% more square footage in their homes than couples who were unsatisfied in their relationship. That's only a difference in about 100 square feet in most cases. The survey broke down the findings into generations — baby boomers, gen X, and millennials — and all three were happier with more space at home.

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Happy generation X couples had roughly the largest square footage at 1,910 square feet at home compared to dissatisfied couples living within 1,693 square feet. Millennials had a bigger gap, with content couples living within 1,810 square feet while unhappy couples lived within 1,566 square feet. Baby boomers were in the middle, with satisfied couples living within 1,835 square feet and frustrated couples living within 1,733 square feet.


So, if you're thinking of moving in with your partner in 2023, maybe opt for the two bedroom apartment instead of the one bedroom if you can swing it. And trust in the timing — nearly 83% of happy couples surveyed said they moved in together at the exact right moment in their lives, while more than half of dissatisfied couples said they rushed and moved in together too quickly. Better safe than sorry.



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