7 Nonalcoholic Drinks on Amazon to Help You Crush Dry January

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Whether you're taking a break from drinking or just curious to try the alcohol-free "spirits" you've recently heard about online, your search might lead you to the one place that sells everything: Amazon. We get it — with seemingly endless pages to scroll through, there's tons of variety at your fingertips, from zero-proof spins on tequila or gin to vegan botanical cocktails that are bottled and ready to drink. And if you're new to nonalcoholic beverages, it's easy to sift through reviews and discover the formulas that people are loving the most.


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On that front, we've done the work for you and rounded up the best nonalcoholic drinks on Amazon. Whether you're looking for a healthier alternative to alcohol or the best option for mixing mocktails, see our top picks ahead.

Best Nonalcoholic Variety Pack

If you're new to nonalcoholic drinks, this variety pack of best-sellers from Ghia is the perfect place to start. They're the makers behind some of the most popular (and dare we say aesthetically pleasing) options on the market, which can be enjoyed alone or with mixers.


Best Nonalcoholic Drink for Gifting

A bottle of wine or liquor is a classic host gift. Put a unique twist on things with this beautifully bottled adaptogen-powered formula from Kin Euphorics. All of their offerings, including High Rhode, are designed to balance you from the inside out, curbing stress, improving brain power, and uplifting your mood.


Best Nonalcoholic Aperitif

If limoncello was a nonalcoholic drink, it might look — and taste — something like this. This alcohol-free distilled lemon aperitif is great for sipping alone or with complementary mixers (one Amazon reviewer suggests club soda and ice). Pour some out and enjoy.


Best Nonalcoholic Spirit for Mixed Drinks

Become an instant mocktail mixologist with this top-rated nonalcoholic spirit from Seedlip. The Spice 94 flavor blends a mix of six botanicals and spices, including grapefruit, allspice, and cardamom. With its stunningly minimal bottle, it looks great sitting on any bar cart.


Best Canned Nonalcoholic Drink

Looking for a bubbly alcohol-free cocktail that's delicious and ready to drink? Allow us to introduce these canned nonalcoholic agave cocktails from PARCH. They're 100% plant-based, infused with desert botanicals and adaptogens, and available in delicious flavors like Spiced.


Best Nonalcoholic Beer

The essence of IPAs is captured in every can of Athletic Brewing Company's award-winning nonalcoholic beer. This 12-pack includes two vegan flavors and offers a low-calorie, alcohol-free way to crack open a cold one. Just refrigerate and they're ready to drink.


Best Nonalcoholic Sparkling Drink

Raise a glass of bubbly the alcohol-free way with TÖST. Each bottle features all-natural ingredients (like white tea, white cranberry, and ginger) and just the right amount of sweetness. Or try the rosé version for a delicate and fruity twist.


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