How You Can Virtually Donate to Food Banks Across America

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The holiday season is just as much about giving as it is receiving, and Instacart has now made it easier than ever to help those in need around the country. The grocery delivery service has just launched Community Carts, a new take on traditional food drives that is entirely virtual.


To donate, simply open the Instacart app, tap Community Carts, and shop for a food bank of your choosing. There are over 100 local food banks that are participating, and they each have their own personalized wish lists for the communities they serve. Instacart shoppers will deliver donated groceries directly to the food bank, with delivery and service fees waived for every donation order.

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Popular donation items across the country include nut butters, cooking oils, canned goods, and paper products — and the impact will no doubt be felt whether customers donate a single can or a full cart. To encourage family and friends to participate, Instacart has made it easy to share via messaging or social media once you've placed a donation order.


If you're interested in donating virtually, but are not a member of Instacart, Full Cart is another organization that delivers boxes of food to those in need. You can choose to donate one time or monthly at U.S. Hunger, and your donation will fund delivery boxes of non-perishable food, fresh produce, shelf-stable meals for food pantries, and international distribution.

You can donate to U.S. Hunger all year, but Instacart's Community Cart is available now through December 31st. Happy holidays!



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