12 Beis Weekender Bag Dupes Perfect for Budget-Friendly Travelers

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When it comes to travel solutions, Shay Mitchell's travel essentials brand Beis has you covered. From The Backpack (which opens up like a carry-on) to the seemingly indestructible Cosmetic Case, Beis has everything you didn't know you needed to make your next weekend getaway a total success. But if we had to choose our favorite, it would be The Weekender.


With over 10,000 reviews and a few different takes on the original, including The Mini Weekender, The Convertible Weekender, and The Convertible Mini Weekender, The Weekender is one of the brand's best-sellers. So, it's not surprising to see some (if not all) of the colorways out of stock, not to mention that it's $108 and isn't the most budget-friendly travel accessory. But that's where we come in.


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We searched the internet to find the best Weekender bag dupes that have a similar design — complete with trolley sleeves, shoulder straps, top handles, and easy-access compartments — at affordable prices.

(Note: If you can support the original maker, we are always in favor of that, but if you're not able to splurge right now, here are our favorite budget buys.)


The Best Beis Weekender Bag Dupes and Alternatives

Original: Beis The Weekender

1. ETRONIK Travel Duffel and Weekender Overnight Bag

Multiple pockets and a wet/dry compartment are only two of the many features this Beis dupe has to offer. It also has a USB charging port, air vents, a water bottle holder, and tons of space.


2. ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag Set

Consider this the slightly elevated (and a bit more expensive) version of the ETRONIK Weekender Overnight Bag above. It comes with a clothing storage bag, toiletry bag, and two portable shoe bags on top of having a separate shoe compartment.

3. CAMTOP Travel Weekender Bag

Faux leather and gold accents will have you jet-setting in style.


4. Bluboon Weekender Overnight Bag

Have your eye on The Weekender in navy? Try this black and navy color combo from Amazon.

5. WONHOX Large Travel Tote Bag

This duffel may not have a shoe compartment, but it does have an expandable feature that extends the bag by a little over 4 inches, which is perfect for throwing in an extra outfit or pair of shoes.



6. BTOOP Travel Weekender Bag

Need a durable and stylish carry-on bag or personal item? This pick has vegan leather accents along with a sturdy lining to keep all your travel gear in check.

7. Viva Terry Canvas Travel Tote

With a 37-liter capacity, this overnight bag is ideal for weekend trips and comes with a convenient toiletry bag.


8. Sucipi Travel Duffel Bag

Swap out your average carry-on luggage for this budget-friendly, water-resistant bag. On top of having a roomy main compartment and bottom compartment, it also comes with a matching toiletry bag.

9. NEWIND Expandable Travel Duffel Bag

Here's a travel essential if we've ever seen one. With a multifunctional design, you can not only expand this tote to make it bigger (perfect for extra souvenirs!) but you can also change up the straps and turn it into a backpack.


10. Ineetatu Travel Bag

Made from waterproof material, you can take this travel bag on any adventure. Plus, it's spacious enough to fit around three to four days' worth of clothes.

11. BAOSHA Leather Large Travel Duffel

Love the look of leather but the design of The Weekender? This Amazon find is for you.


12. Sam's Club Member's Mark Weekender Travel Bag

The Sam's Club Weekender bag went viral on TikTok as an almost identical Beis dupe, but with rave reviews, it can be tough to buy online. To score the bag, we recommend checking back in for any restocks or trying to find it at a Sam's Club near you.



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